To conduct an experiment at a CARS beamlines, you must apply for beam time through the APS peer-reviewed proposal process. In general, proposals are considered three times a year (roughly April, July, and October), but a rapid-access mechanism is available in some cases.

There is no cost except for proprietary research. We welcome users from industry and will be happy to discuss suitable arrangements.

Each CARS research grouping handles proposal selection and scheduling somewhat differently, so questions on those matters should be directed to your beamline contact.  You can find a list of scientific contacts on the right side of this page. More specific information about for each CARS sector can be found here:

Site access to the laboratory is permitted only with an ID badge or a visitor pass. Before visiting CARS, please see the APS Site Access Page and the Travel and Lodging Page.

Aps User Portal

You can use the APS User Portal as your primary access gateway to several APS user systems. From the portal, you can update your biographical information, check in to let APS User Office know the arrival /departure times for your next visit, review the status of your required training and update it remotely, ensure that your APS access permission is current, sign a user agreement acknowledgement form, and send messages to the User Office and your beamline contact.”

Quick Guide for New Users

Prior to registering as a new user

Proposals are peer reviewed and rated by a technique specific Proposal Review Panel (PRP). Beamtime is awarded based on score and feasibility. It is suggested that a user select more than one beamline when submitting a proposal to increase the chances of receiving beamtime. Proposals expire in two years or when the number of PRP recommended shifts has been used, whichever comes first.

Brief summary for new users

Be sure to follow the APS New User Checklist

  • You need to Register as an APS User and Submit a Proposal in order to apply for CARS beamtime.
  • Your home institution has to have an User Agreement with APS. Please follow instructions on that page to check for existing agreement or for establishing a new agreement.
  • An APS proposal is considered standard if submitted before the APS Deadline for a Run Cycle and Rapid Access if submitted after the deadline.
    You can find more information about proposal submission and review Here.
  • Using your active APS proposal, you have to submit a beamtime request (BTR) for each APS Run Cycle. You can use your active proposal to submit BTRs for several APS run cycles if needed for your project.
  • Following beamtime allocation process, you will be contacted and informed if beamtime has been allocated for your proposal.
  • If beamtime has been allocated, CARS staff will contact you about scheduling your beamtime.
  • Before your visit, you have to complete the APS User Safety Training, complete your Experiment Safety Assessment Form and notify APS of your arrival by using the Gate Pass Request tab in My APS Portal.
  • You can find your APS user information at My APS Portal.
  • More useful links for users can be found on the APS User Information Page.

Quick Guide for Returning Users

  • Apply for Beamtime
  • Submit an updated APS User Registration Form as a “returning user” to provide your current information. Non-U.S. citizens with expired or expiring security clearance are encouraged to re-register with the APS as soon as possible.
  • Make sure all your required training is current by contacting:
    APS User Office
  • Complete any Expired Training Remotely, or contact the APS User Office to schedule on-site training.
  • Once beamtime has been allocated and a CARS representative has contacted you with dates, complete an Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) via the link sent in your confirmation letter or by logging in to the APS Scheduling System. Complete the ESAF at least 10 business days before your visit. The ESAF must be approved by both CARS and APS safety personnel before you can begin work.

Sector Specific User Resources

You can find information specific to the sector you plan on visiting using the links below.

Safety Resources

Safety is of paramount importance at CARS, and all experiments must be reviewed before work may begin.  Find more details for each CARS sector here:

Shipping Information

Samples must also be sent by proper shipping methods so they can be moved in/out of the APS. The Shipping pages below provides more information:

Scientific Contacts


Matt Newville


(630) 252-0431

Tony Lanzirotti


(630) 252-0433

Steve Sutton


(630) 484-5920

Peter Eng

Interface / Surface Studies and Powder Diffraction

(630) 252-0424

Joanne Stubbs

Interface / Surface Studies and Powder Diffraction

(630) 252-0427

Vitali Prakapenka

High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

(630) 252-0439

Yanbin Wang

Large Volume Press (LVP)

(630) 252-0425

Tony Yu

Large Volume Press (LVP)

(630) 252-6148

Mark Rivers


(630) 252-0422


Robert Henning

(630) 252-0446

Irina Kosheleva

(630) 252-0467

Vukica Srajer

(630) 252-0455


Yu-Sheng Chen

(630) 252-0471

Wei Bu

Liquid Surface/Interface
(630) 252-0470

Mrinal Bera

(630) 252-0472