quadEM  7-0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCDataSourceClass used for writing a DataSource with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oCAttributeClass used for writing an Attribute with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oCElementDescribe a generic structure element with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oCDatasetClass used for writing a DataSet with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oCHardLinkClass used for writing a HardLink with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oCGroupDescribe a group element
|oCRootClass used for writing the root of the file with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|\CLayoutXMLUsed to define layout of HDF5 file with NDFileHDF5 plugin
oCADDriverClass from which areaDetector drivers are directly derived
oCasynNDArrayDriverThis is the class from which NDArray drivers are derived; implements the asynGenericPointer functions for NDArray objects
oCasynPortDriverBase class for asyn port drivers; handles most of the bookkeeping for writing an asyn port driver with standard asyn interfaces and a parameter library
oCCCDMultiTrackArea Detector class enabling multi-ROI driver for the Andor CCD
oCdrvAHxxxClass to control the Elettra/CaenEls AHxxx 4-Channel Picoammeters
oCdrvAPS_EMClass to control the Elettra APS_EM 4-Channel Picoammeter
oCdrvNSLS2_EMClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
oCdrvNSLS2_ICClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
oCdrvNSLS_EMClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
oCdrvQuadEMBase class to control the quad electrometer
oCdrvTetrAMMClass to control the CaenEls TetrAMM 4-Channel Picoammeter
oCExposeDataTaskA task that periodically executes the data exposure method of the plugin
oCfunctAttributeAttribute that gets its value from a user-defined function The updateValue() method for this class retrieves the current value from the function
oCjpegDestMgrExpanded data destination object for JPEG output
oCNDArrayN-dimensional array class; each array has a set of dimensions, a data type, pointer to data, and optional attributes
oCNDArrayInfoStructure returned by NDArray::getInfo
oCNDArrayPoolManages a free list (pool) of NDArray objects
oCNDAttributeNDAttribute class; an attribute has a name, description, source type, source string, data type, and value
oCNDAttributeListNodeStructure used by the EPICS ellLib library for linked lists of C++ objects
oCNDAttrValueUnion defining the values in an NDAttribute object
oCNDDimensionStructure defining a dimension of an NDArray
oCNDFileHDF5Writes NDArrays in the HDF5 file format; an XML file can control the structure of the HDF5 file
oCNDFileHDF5DatasetClass used for writing a Dataset with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
oCNDFileJPEGWrites NDArrays in the JPEG file format, which is a lossy compression format
oCNDFileMagickWrites NDArrays to files using the GraphicsMagick library; can write many different file formats
oCNDFileNetCDFWrites NDArrays to files in the netCDF file format
oCNDFileNexusWrites NDArrays in the NeXus file format
oCNDFileNullWrites NDArrays in the Null file format
oCNDFileTIFFWrites NDArrays in the TIFF file format
oCNDOverlayStructure defining an overlay
oCNDPluginAttributeExtract an Attribute from an NDArray and publish the value (and array of values) over channel access
oCNDPluginAttrPlotAD plugin that saves attribute values from recieved NDArrays
oCNDPluginCircularBuffPerforms a scope like capture
oCNDPluginColorConvertConvert NDArrays from one NDColorMode to another
oCNDPluginDriverClass from which actual plugin drivers are derived; derived from asynNDArrayDriver
oCNDPluginFFTCompute FFTs on signals
oCNDPluginFileBase class for NDArray file writing plugins; actual file writing plugins inherit from this class
oCNDPluginGatherA plugin that subscribes to callbacks from multiple ports, not just a single port
oCNDPluginOverlayOverlay graphics on top of an image
oCNDPluginProcessDoes image processing operations
oCNDPluginPvaConverts NDArray callback data into EPICS V4 NTNDArray data and exposes it as an EPICS V4 PV
oCNDPluginROIExtract Regions-Of-Interest (ROI) from NDArray data; the plugin can be a source of NDArray callbacks for other plugins, passing these sub-arrays
oCNDPluginROIStatCompute statistics on ROIs in an array
oCNDPluginScatterA plugin that does callbacks in round-robin fashion rather than passing every NDArray to every callback client
oCNDPluginStatsDoes image statistics
oCNDPluginStdArraysConverts NDArray callback data into standard asyn arrays (asynInt8Array, asynInt16Array, asynInt32Array, asynInt64Array, asynFloat32Array or asynFloat64Array); normally used for putting NDArray data in EPICS waveform records
oCNDPluginTimeSeriesCompute time series on signals
oCNDPluginTransformPerform transformations (rotations, flips) on NDArrays
oCNDROIStructure defining a Region-Of-Interest and Stats
oCparamAttributeAttribute that gets its value from an asynNDArrayDriver driver parameter
oCparamListClass to support parameter library (also called parameter list); set and get values indexed by parameter number (pasynUser->reason) and do asyn callbacks when parameters change
oCPVAttributeAttribute that gets its value from an EPICS PV