camac Release Notes

Release 2-7, Sept 9, 2011

Release 2-6, April 12, 2010

Release 2-5, May 13, 2006

Release 2-4, March 29, 2005

Release 2-3, March 2005

Minor changes:

Release 2-2

Minor changes:

Release 2-1

Conversion to EPICS 3.14.

Release 1-3

Fixed bug in dxpRecord.c, missing one task parameter.

Release 1-2

Added debugging to ksc2917.h.

Updated limit switch logic in drvMotorE500.c

Changed connectIO to connectWait in  Requires mpf1-10.

Added GAIN, PGAIN, EMAX, FIPPI, EMAXRBV, GAINRBV fields to dxp record.

Added support for downloading new FiPPI code at run time.

Upgraded to new version of Xerxes software from XIA.

Added iocxxx directory.

Release 1-1

First release under CVS source/release control.  There were earlier releases without official tags.

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