Horae Version 067

What's new in this release?

Windows Distribution
  • Using Perl 5.8 and perl/Tk 804.027

  • Using Ifeffit 1.2.11

  • Using PerlApp 7.2 with --clean and --gui flags

  • Perl package manager repository at http://cars9.uchicago.edu/~ravel/ppm. For those with Active Perl installed on their windows machine, you can set that URL as a repository in the package manager then do an install horae to install all of my stuff and its dependencies in one step.

  • Filter plots on Absorption page

  • Clicking an edge on Absorption page highlights the corresponding lines (click on L3 and scroll down the line list to see what happens)

  • Fixed a bug on windows in which the hephaestus.data file was not found

  • Using new graphic for icon and splashscreen

  • Document page displays the Hephaestus chapter of the Athena User's Guide

  • Shaltout data resource now available

  • using Athena User's Guide as the internal document

  • new config variable for choosing browser on linux/unix (uses the default browser on windows/mac)

  • html document pages opened in IE rather than pod browser on most Windows machines, in Konqueror on KDE desktops, presumably in something mozilla-y on a gnome desktop (but I have not tested that)

  • merging data with reference channels in mu or normalized mu will now merge the reference channels as well. The merge of data and merge of references are tied together so the reference merge can be used as the reference for the merged data

  • new dialog for copying groups in a series (see the Group menu)

  • fixed a bug in which the i0 array for each group was set incorrectly when importing multiple data sets

  • plot smoothed derivative by default in most situations

  • treat noise correctly in lcf when plotting or writing report -- only generate noise when fitting, otherwise reuse noise array

  • fixed an LCF bug that resulted in an infinite loop when fitting in k and one of the standards is shorter than the data and shorter than the fitting range

  • reorganized data alignment dialog
  • copy group now copies plot multiplier and y offset

  • use new graphic for icon and splashscreen

  • Using new graphic for icon and splashscreen

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