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We really mean it. The software on this page is obsolete!

We really, REALLY mean it. The software on this page is obsolete and you should not be using it.

OLDER Versions, now unsupported, are listed here for existing deployments and historical interest.

The software on this page is obsolete and you should not be using it.

The last version of IFEFFIT is: Ifeffit 1.2.11 , released 11-Aug-2008, last updated 17-Nov-2008, now obsolete



From cars.uchicago.edu

Windows Installer



ifeffit-1.2.11.exe (obsolete! see above)



ifeffit-1.2.10.exe (obsolete! see above)



ifeffit-1.2.9.exe (obsolete! see above)

Source Kit / Tarball







Mac OS X Installer Disk Images (obsolete! see above)

Leopard and Snow Leopard


Universal binary: iXAFS3.0.3.dmg (Older version: iXAFS_211b1.dmg)

Tiger and Leopard


see "Useful Software" at http://mrcat.iit.edu/

10.4 PPC



10.4 Intel



10.3 PPC



10.2 PPC



(Links to sourceforge have been removed.)

General Notes

All software on this page is obsolete and you should not be using it.

All of the following information is obsolete and has no relevance to current, supported versions of the XAS analysis software.

For platform-specific information, see Windows, Unix, and MacOS X.

The ChangeLog gives a detailed descriptions about each revision. You can also browse through the source directory.

If you have questions about IFEFFIT, send email to <ifeffit AT SPAMFREE millenia DOT cars DOT aps DOT anl DOT gov> a Mailing List with a public archive.

Version Numbers

The latest versions of the applications in the IFEFFIT family are:





















extremely obsolete



extremely obsolete

Source code for the obsolete versions of Athena, Artemis, and Hephaestus can be found at https://github.com/bruceravel/horae. Those programs as well as SixPack are included in the Windows and Macintosh installer packages.

Working / Beta / Test / Unstable Code:

Works-in-progress: none at this time.

Windows Notes:

The installers above will install the versions of the IFEFFIT applications listed above.

For some applications, there may be later versions.

The versions of Bruce Ravel's programs found on this page are obsolete, for current software see http://bruceravel.github.com/demeter

For updates to Sam Webb's programs, check the SixPack Home Page.

Windows 98 and Me Users: please see The Frequently Asked Questions.

For versions 1.2.4 and higher, updates to the Windows distribution will be automatically checked for and installed when needed. This installer was made using Inno Setup. For further details see the "build_setup" directory. There are details on how to program with Ifeffit on Win32 systems in the "wrappers" directory, but if you're interested in building a programming extension for Win32 contact me.

Unix Notes:

Download the full kit of source code for library, extensions, and documentation, including several examples above. Build instructions are here. Aside from the optional PGPLOT library, the build is pretty straightforward. Currently this procedure builds the command-line program IFEFFIT, AUTOBK, DIFFKK, and FEFF6, and building the python and perl extensions is straightforward.

Mac OS X Notes:


. The disk images above can be downloaded and mounted and uses the normal Macintosh installation program to install Applications for Athena, Artemis, TkAtoms, PeriodicTable, Feff6, Autobk, and Feffit that launch by clicking the Application icon. The Applications for Feff6, Autobk, and Feffit prompt you for the appropriate input file, and runs the corresponding program in the appropriate directory. Finally, for those interested in using the Unix command-line all of these programs plus ifeffit and diffkk can be run from a Terminal.

X11 Warning

. You must have installed Apple's (free) X11 which is included on the OS installation disks on 10.4 and is downloadable (look here) for earlier versions for horae to work. None of the installers include the X11 distribution. Nothing specific from Apple's X11 distribution is used, so alternative X11 distributions may work as well. They have not been tested.

Power PC Version

. For Mac OS 10.4, a binary installer has been made. This installer (ifeffit-1.2.9-Mac10.4_PPC_horae65_pkg.dmg) is listed in the download table above and includes both the latest versions of ifeffit (1.2.9) and horae (horae065). No compiler is needed, although having X11 installed (an optional installation that is included with the 10.4 (Tiger) installation disks) is a prerequisite. For this release, two graphics output devices have been included Aquaterm and the traditional X11 output window. The interface is chosen by the user after clicking the athena, artemis, or hephaestus icons. The main advantages of the Aquaterm output are that pdf (or postscript) files can be saved from the File menu and that as the output is buffered, it is possible to resize the window without having to request the window be redrawn (e.g. within athena). The program includes double clickable applets for running athena, artemis, and hephaestus in the folder /Applications/Ifeffit. These may be dragged into the Dock for easy one click access (they even have pretty icons to boot!).

Intel Mac Version

. The 10.4 binary installer comes in two flavors, one for PPC and another for Intel Macs. Note that X11 must be installed for Ifeffit to run. The program installs a double clickable application called iXAFS. At the moment, the software is located at the link: Intel Mac

Older Systems
. For Mac OS 10.2, the disk image uses a simple 'Install_Ifeffit' script that will ask you a few questions and install ifeffit, athena, artemis, tkatoms, apt, feffit, autobk, diffkk, and feff6.
Building from source

. To build from source, Install Fink's g77 compiler, and follow the "normal Unix" instructions. More information is in README.MACOSX. This relies on the X-Darwin version of X-Windows, and you will need the Unix-like software from the Fink Project. This will build the command-line program IFEFFIT, FEFFIT, AUTOBK, DIFFKK, and FEFF6, and can be used to build python and perl extensions. For hints on building Athena, and Artemis, see this message or contact Matt.

An older MacOS X binary installer

. available here.

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