LSXS 2012

October 17-19, 2012
Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA

LSXS 2012
School for Liquid Surface X-ray Scattering:
Theory and Experimental Methods

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Course Description

Aimed at graduate students and post-docs, this workshop will offer a combination of classroom and experimental work to introduce participants to the range of phenomena and properties that can be studied with synchrotron-based liquid surface X-ray scattering. The program includes three hands-on activities that will highlight the major techniques and introduce participants to the liquid scattering instruments at the Advanced Photon Source. Read more>>

The school is limited to 16 participants for hands-on work. In addition, a limited number of auditors may be accepted at the organizers’ discretion.

The application deadline is August 3. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by August 10. Successful applicants for hands-on work will be charged a $150 registration fee. They will receive meals and three nights’ lodging (shared room) and may also request reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses. Auditors will be charged $75 and will receive meals except dinners.

Student Comments from 2007 LSXS School

“Great lectures (and lecturers). Helpful staff and great experiements.”

“I liked the experimental part because that is one [thing] we cannot learn in conference meetings. Everyone was very supportive and helpful.”

“I learned a lot about other fields of research that use the same techniques, which can give me ideas on how to modify my research. Provided good, general knowledge of possible applications.”
“The material…gave me new ideas and ways to understand certain physical relationships. It was also very inspiring.”

“[We will] rethink all the analysis approaches we use.”

“All of it was useful…I’ll have a better idea of what to expect in reflectivity scans.”

“It will definitely make my research experience easier.”


Pulak Dutta, Department of Physics, Northwestern University
Ka Yee Lee, Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago
Binhua Lin, CARS, The University of Chicago
Larry Lurio, Northern Illinois University
Mark Schlossman, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago
Oleg Shpyrko, Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego

Liquid Surface Scattering Instruments

Organizing Committee

Binhua Lin, CARS, The University of Chicago (630.252.0463)
Mark Schlossman, University of Illinois at Chicago (312.996.8787)
Jin Wang, Advanced Photon Source (630.252.9125)

Administrative Contact

Rachel Reed, APS User Office (630.252.3656)


Sponsored by ChemMatCARS (Beamline 15-ID) with assistance from the Advanced Photon Source (Beamlines 8-ID and 9-ID and the User Office).